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Spreadsheets can be mission-critical to your operations for monitoring, financial planning, and process management. However, it is important that they be:
- accurate and unbreakable
- flexible and adaptive
- intuitive and user-friendly
- proprietary and secure

Developing and securing mission-critical spreadsheets is one of our specialties. A web-enabled example of this is our Period Investment DCF Calculator (using a simple net income model as a proxy for cash flow). It however incorporates some advanced technologies such as:

1. Creating a DCF calculation for a user-defined period in a single formula     (for which academics in the past have said there was no solution),     An example of creating a solution for a difficult analytical problem:
Published financial formulas for discounted present value of cash flows (such as annuities) require constant periodic cash flows occuring at specific points in time, thus not allowing for inter or intra-period growth assumptions to be used and properly modeled by a single formula.

Our innovative solution needs only the 1st-year dollar amount total and annual growth rate to emulate a precise, constantly growing cash flow stream on a daily (or other selected period) basis over the specified present value period.

2. Converting the spreadsheet into a javascript web page, and
3. Encrypting the web page with several different control protections.
    (We also can create stand-alone executables.)

NOTE! Use the password: “open” (enter again if prompted a second time).

Creating and Protecting
Critical Spreadsheet Analyses
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