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Companies try to manage their shareholder value, but buyers and sellers in the market determine value based on what they regard as important. If you are managing a portfolio, or selecting an investment, or actively grooming a company for higher market value, you need insight into what exactly the market itself is valuing, and also how it may respond to changing economic conditions.

This is not timing or predicting which way the market will turn. It is about understanding and tracking what is resonating with investors (other than earnings) and planning accordingly to take advantage of those trends.

This process begins with our Intangible Asset Market Value (IAMV) Analytics, which tracks the relative amount of market cap dollars being directed towards different companies' intangible asset value. Then we delve into the details as to why. This provides a basis for either evaluating an investment or taking action to strategically position a company for higher market value.

- IAMV Analytics on peer group companies or sectors.
- Industry › sector › company analysis.
- Predictive modeling of economic influences on market valuation.
Intelligent Analytics For Market Value
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