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Intangible Asset Market Value (IAMV)
The Energy Industry is one of our core disciplines. We apply knowledge, research, and analysis to inform clients of conditions that may influence the performance and value of individual companies or whole industry sectors.

Example:Tracking relative proportions of market cap invested in intangible value among the various energy industry sectors (oil & gas and alternative energy) is one starting point for identifying investor preferences and trends (or over bought/sold conditions). From here we drill down into the sector participants to determine what company characteristics or situations are driving that sector's market value. This "macro-micro spectrum analysis" yields superior strategic insight for positioning investment portfolios, suggest changes in corporate direction, or spot divergent (i.e., either troubled or opportune) companies.

In this example (on 8/25/14), sector market cap in Piplines is heavily invested in companies with over 75% intangible value, well ahead of the tech-driven alternative energy (AE) industry, while little such investment in intangibles is made in drilling and exploration companies.