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Hotel-resorts and casinos do well in prosperous times, but the discretionary nature of their services can hit them particularly hard in economic downturns. Furthermore, these businesses are very complex in terms of their customer diversity, service offerings, and uniquely different operating departments. Building competitive advantage is nowhere else more crucial than in this industry.

PAI helps hotel-resort-casino properties build the foundation for sustained competitive advantage by first ensuring they have the right management information to act on. Then the tools and processes can be put into place for improving product/service offerings, marketing and operations, all of which must interact effectively in order to solidify the property's market position.

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- Statistical analysis of critical business drivers.
- Modeling complex financial and functional operations.
- Statistical analytics of customer decision-making.
- Forensic analysis of strengths and weaknesses.
- Predictive modeling.
- Developing competitive intelligence and action.
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