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Model Update:
Low Oil Prices
and Fracking Economics

What If? (They don't go away.)

PAI White Paper:
Modeling Oil & Gas Fracking
Business Performance
and Sustainability

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Traditional fundamentals do not reflect energy's special calculus.

Energy is the most fundamental input to our civilization, empowering our industrial existence and our current standard of living. But it is also the input that is most easily taken for granted.

In fact, the energy industry as broadly defined is the most complex and diverse industry on the planet, affected by a multitude of geological, technological, financial, political, regulatory, geographical, legal, cultural, emotional, and external factors more than any other type of enterprise.

Thinking outside the box: PAI synthesizes information from dozens of resources to develop an intelligent perspective on subjects such as peak oil and gas, the scalability and economics of renewable energy technologies, the economic feasibility of tight oil fracking and oil sands, and the challenges for big integrated energy companies and their impact on the industry.

- Macro industry analyses, advisory and alerts —
  The Futurenergy.US think tank (being planned).
- Monitoring and analysis of technological innovations.
- Custom research, analysis and modeling.
- Special purpose due diligence.
- IAMV Analytics on peer group companies and sectors.
- Industry -› sector -› company value analysis.
- Predictive modeling of economic and market influences on valuation.


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